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Hi there!

I know this is where I am supposed to dazzle you with my uniqueness and wit... so here we go: 

My favorite game as a child was dress up. If I saw a movie, read a book, or met a person I thought was interesting I would "become" them. I would rummage in my closet, pick out my costume, and would only respond to their name. My favorite characters to be were Christopher Robin from Winnie The Pooh and my cousin Rebekah. My parents didn't realize they had a star on their hands but I am hoping this makes you! Wow that was a lot of ego huh? 

All jokes aside, I love creating stories and characters. One of my goals is to make everyone I meet laugh. I grew up doing mostly ensemble based work. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with other creative creatures.

When I am not performing or auditioning, you can find me at my muggle jobs as an HR assistant and part time babysitter. I have an extremely healthy obsession with bagels and lavender scented candles.

My love languages are coffee and words of affirmation.

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